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Attitude about book collection by Szeto Wah

  Book-lover Szeto Wah found treasure in every book. In the spare time in his youth, he wrapped the books with kraft papers, wrote the titles with pens or ink brush, preserved them with all efforts. Sometimes, he would leave remarks on the books about the opinions towards the authors.
  Szeto Wah favoured Chinese classic poetry and calligraphy, especially poems from Tu Fu. More than that, Chinese writer Lu Xun was his most respected author and he had collected many of his writings. If others did not return the books written by Lu Xun, he would buy new ones. This was also the reason he had books appeared in several copies. Szeto Wah read extensively ranging from detective novels, Wuxia novels, to even Harry Potter series. He believed inspirations could be gained from different genres. Being one of the member of The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Basic Law Drafting Committee, Szeto Wah had deep knowledge about the politics of China. He had subscribed different publications to understand the circumstances in Mainland.

  The book collection of Szeto Wah was over 10,000 yet not all of them were read entirely by him. He always first skimmed through the content page, selected those which were interesting for further reading. Szeto Wah had collected substantial amount of children’s books in the 1960s for writing columns on Children’s Weekly of which he was the voluntary chief editor. He wrote articles under pseudonyms if there were not enough contributions. He held a story-telling section when he was a primary school principal and materials were chosen from these children books. Furthermore, he opened Lung Mun Bookshop in 1960s which produced copies of Chinese classic texts with other partners. At times of Cultural Revolution, large amount of the Chinese classic texts were destroyed. Later it was closed because of his busy work schedule. Some of Szeto Wah’s collection were books about music because he liked singing and conducting in his younger times.

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